By Irene Light


     It’s that time of year

     When all you can hear

     Is the sound of the whine

     In the single one-liner

     “I’m BORED!!”


     These websites below

     Will save you some dough

   All are great quality

     And the silence will be

     Your REWARD!!


1.     The Children’s Music Web

Obviously you are on this site but you may want to take advantage of Kids’ Public Radio (KPR) and check out lullabies to relax you or silence the children 24/7 after the holidays. If you wish to stay awake, enjoy the stories on Jabberwocky.



Here you can select a song by category or through an alphabetical listing, listen to it, read the lyrics and even print out the melodies with letter names and chords.  This is a great resource for teachers who need songs to reinforce school subjects. Sign up for the free newsletter.



While searching for DVDs of stories and music for the Pickleberry Pie/ GetWellNetwork hospital project, I have been in contact with many performers who have great websites.  This site is owned by August House, Inc., which publishes children’s storybooks.  All of these stories are in animated form.  You have to sign up for it but the privacy policy is there to protect children.



A very inventive website from France with Boowa the dog and Kwala the Koala. There are many activities from which to choose. The ever –growing song collection is free on the site along with interactive games, coloring sheets and anything else which you can think of.  Try the song “The Twirly Dance Game” which was voted one of the best songs for Preschoolers at the Children’s Music Web Awards 2008.



Here you’ll find lots of musical interactive games. Some other orchestras have similar sites.



Finally a site for teachers. This one contains digital media for the classroom and professional development. If you sign up as a teacher or a member of a group you can view and/or download videos in the arts, mathematics, science, social studies and English language arts.



Here are all types of games and interactive work pages in science, math, geography, pre-school skills and many more subjects.



The Screenactors Guild Foundation has a charming site. You can see the illustrations and the words of the book while a celebrity actor narrates.


I hope that you will find this information useful. If you have any suggestions for similar websites, please email them to me at:

Thank you.


The list is done.

Now have fun!





© 2008 Irene Light