Open Ears

Edited by Sara De Beer


This time's chapter:


Make At Home Sound Effects

By Tom Keith




This wonderful book has chapters by:

 Allaudin and Devi Mathieu

 Bernie Krause

 Jon Anderson

 Babatunde Olatunji

Bill Harley

 Artis the Spoonman

 David Darling

 Phoebe Snow

 Pete Seeger

 Paul McCartney

 Shari Lewis

 Yohuru Ralph Williams

 Giovanni Ciarlo

 Sally Rogers

 Dr. Craig Woodson

 Garry Kvistad

 Ruth Pelham

 Tom Keith

 Fred Penner

 Mickey Hart


Published by Ellipsis Kids

20 Lumber Rd.

Roslyn NY 11576

516 621-2727


Cover design and illustrations by Chip Wass


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