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Auntie Kayte
Auntie Kayte is an award-winning singer/songwriter based in Southern California. Her original, uplifting children's songs encompass multiple genres from reggae and calypso to jazz and Elizabethan sounds. Her songs inspire kids to love themselves and others, be a positive force in the universe - and to pick up their toys!

She uses story songs with familiar characters to break down traditional stereotypes and plant seeds of possibility. Smart princesses, family-friendly pirates, responsible cowboys and an identity-challenged unicorn are a few of the repurposed archetypes at home on her CD, "Rufus the Unicorn and Other Upside-Down Fairytale Songs", which was recognized with a 2017 Parents' Choice Award, Creative Child Magazine Award, a 2017 National Parenting Products Award (NAPPA) and 2017 Family Choice Award.

Auntie Kayte writes about the things we wish we had learned in kindergarten, like loving and taking care of ourselves and our bodies, being a force for good, taking care of the planet, believing in our abilities, learning to redirect negative self-talk into positive thoughts and laughing just for the joy of it – are couched in catchy choruses that stick in your brain and pop into your head when you need them.
Long Beach, CA
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