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Community Agreements

CMN was founded over 40 years ago with Social Justice at its core and the fervent hope that through our music and work with the next generations, we could help undo systemic racism. As we approach the second quarter of the 21st century, we have come to realize that this work will never be complete. It takes conscious and continuous effort and the willingness to "be the change we want to see" with regard to racism and achieving equity for all marginalized communities. This is our work in the world and also within our own community.

To this end, we have created a core set of Community Agreements (below), along with a Code of Ethics and Care, to provide a safe and brave space where each member feels empowered to share their truths so that we can better foster a sense of belonging.

These agreements are forged by the community and we encourage ongoing dialogue with regard to their efficacy. Acknowledging that this system will not work perfectly and that we are imperfect beings with beliefs and assumptions that are systematically wrong and harmful to other humans, we commit to releasing expectations and giving one another grace in this process. We can, as a community, add new agreements and/or rephrase existing agreements or even remove statements that no longer make sense as we evolve.

As you read through these agreements, please reference this glossary for greater understanding of DEI concepts and language.

Community Agreements - January 1, 2023

  1. We agree that conflict and disagreement are normal parts of being in community and often required for growth, and therefore agree to enter into dialogue and/or a healing process when being called in to acknowledge harm and make amends.
  2. We agree to acknowledge that each person is a composite of many parts. We celebrate difference, and we understand intersectionality to be the full human experience.
  3. We agree to seek connections through all parts of our identity without othering a person by any part of their being. We cherish authenticity and the richness of our collective existence.
  4. We agree to come to DEI efforts with humility and centering humanity. Hierarchy is counterintuitive to our Community Agreements.
  5. We agree to provide equitable spaces for those from marginalized communities to foster inclusion and belonging and do not expect individuals of marginalized communities to speak for their communities or bear the burden of educating about their community.
  6. We agree there are multiple truths and will not assume shared intersections or life experiences.
  7. We agree to minimize harm with the goal of eliminating it. However, we cannot fully control the environment and acknowledge harm is possible.
  8. We agree we each have the right to acknowledge harm, marginalization, and pain.
  9. We agree that immediate openness and humility is the most helpful response when someone states that they have been harmed, dismissed or dehumanized. Being defensive can be a barrier to learning and a culture of belonging.
  10. We agree to ensure safety and belonging for all. We root ourselves in CMN’s history of commitment to social justice.

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