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Right now, you can listen to three 24/7 channels


 Jabberwocky - (stories)

Pipsqueaks- (singalong songs)

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Penelope, your favorite spider, has moved all of her specials to Kids Public Radio. Please listen there!

Storytellers and Children's Musicians

We need your help!

As you may know, Pickleberry Pie, our parent organization, has put on thousands of free monthly concerts in over 22 children's hospitals around the U.S. We have raised money from foundations to do this since the early 90's. We now have an opportunity to support these free concerts and expand to new hospitals
by creating a partnership with the

In order to do this, our Pickleberry Pie volunteers will be collecting and screening both storytelling and concert DVDs for use in hospitals nationwide. We need

Donated DVDs

from the presenting artist, storyteller, or copyright holder. In return, there are many benefits to the artists.
Please check out our webpage for further information.

Is the resounding note in your classroom or home

"I'm bored"?

Check out Irene Light's latest column

(chock full of ideas to chase away the Boredoms)

The Children's Music Web is a charitable activity of Pickleberry Pie Inc.

Our 2010 Annual Report is available for download

We do all of this because we believe that children's music can lift the heart.


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